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Axolotl Tank Setup and Care
Guides & How-To's

Axolotl Tank Setup and Care

Introduction Setting up your axolotl’s new home can be very exciting, however, it is important to follow the right process so you know that your new axolotl will be as happy and healthy as possible...

FAQsCan You Keep Axolotls Together?

Can You Keep Axolotls Together?

Introduction With how many beautiful morphs of axolotls that exist out there in the world, it makes sense that people want to collect them all like pokemon. But not so fast, our exuberant axolotl e...

FAQsWhat To Do If Your Axolotls Accidentally Breed

What To Do If Your Axolotls Accidentally Breed

Introduction Many axolotl owners run into the problem of going to check on their axolotls one day and finding hundreds of eggs in the tank! They had no idea their axolotls were even opposite sex be...

FAQsWhere Do Axolotls Live?

Where Do Axolotls Live?

One of the things we love about the strange little eponymous creatures we raise at Axolotl Planet is how strange they look. We’ve even been asked if they're fish (read more about this in our articl...

FAQsAre Axolotls Fish?

Are Axolotls Fish?

At Axolotl Planet, we get lots of questions about the strange and fantastic creatures known as Axolotls. One question that we often get—usually from the parents of very enthusiastic children—is “So...

FAQsHow Many Axolotl Colors Are There?

How Many Axolotl Colors Are There?

Axolotls are notable for a variety of strange and wonderful features! Their flowing tail fins, their happy, dopey expressions, their feathery gills, and—what you’re probably interested in—their wid...

FAQsHow Can I Tell If My Axolotl Is A Boy or A Girl?

How Can I Tell If My Axolotl Is A Boy or A Girl?

The short answer is that, until an axolotl is sexually mature, it’s not possible to reliably tell whether an axolotl is male or female. Once they reach sexual maturity, though, it’s fairly easy to ...

Guides & How-To'sHow to Tub an Axolotl

How to Tub an Axolotl

When To Tub Your Axolotl Tubbing your axolotl may be necessary when your aquarium is not fully-cycled, contaminated, or otherwise not suitable to house your axolotl. Axolotls can be safely tubbed...

FAQsAre Axolotls Easy Pets?

Are Axolotls Easy Pets?

Are axolotls good pets? The short answer is: yes, axolotls can be very easy to care for. BUT, like every aquatic pet (especially amphibians) they require research, preparation, and consistency in ...

FAQsWhat are the Rarest Axolotls in the World?

What are the Rarest Axolotls in the World?

What is a morph? A morph is not a true scientific identifier, but it is the common term used by axolotl breeders and enthusiasts all around the world to describe a specific axolotl color, or pheno...

FAQsWhere Do Axolotls Live and Why Are They Endangered?

Where Do Axolotls Live and Why Are They Endangered?

Introduction Axolotls are a species of neotenic salamander that have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, now ranked as the second most wanted pet, due to their adorable appearance and introd...

FAQsAre Blue Axolotls Real?

Are Blue Axolotls Real?

Introduction Many new axolotl enthusiasts frequently ask the question: Do blue axolotls exist? The answer to this is no, true blue axolotls do not exist. While there are many photos and videos on t...