What are GFP Axolotls?

What are GFP Axolotls?

GFP axolotls, also known as green fluorescent protein axolotls, are a unique and fascinating species of salamanders that have captured the attention of scientists and enthusiasts alike. In this blog, we will explore what GFP axolotls are and what makes them special.

What are GFP Axolotls?

GFP axolotls are a type of axolotl that have been genetically modified to express green fluorescent protein (GFP) in their cells. This protein, which was first discovered in jellyfish, emits a bright green fluorescence when exposed to ultraviolet light. The GFP gene was introduced into the axolotl genome using genetic engineering techniques, resulting in new and unique morphs of axolotl.

What makes GFP Axolotls special?

GFP axolotls are special because of their unique ability to fluoresce. This fluorescence allows scientists to easily visualize and track the movement of GFP-expressing cells in real-time, making them a valuable tool for research in fields such as regenerative medicine and developmental biology. Additionally, their ability to regenerate lost limbs, combined with their fluorescent properties, makes them an ideal species for studying the mechanisms behind tissue regeneration.

How are GFP Axolotls used in research?

GFP axolotls are used in a variety of research applications, including:

  • Tissue regeneration: Scientists are using GFP axolotls to study the mechanisms behind limb regeneration, including the role of stem cells and growth factors.
  • Developmental biology: Researchers are using GFP axolotls to study the development of various tissues and organs, including the nervous system, heart, and blood vessels.
  • Cancer research: Scientists are using GFP axolotls to study the progression of cancer and the mechanisms behind tumor formation.

Where can I find GFP Axolotls?

GFP axolotls can be purchased from specialized breeders such as Axolotl Planet by clicking here: https://axolotlplanet.com/collections/all?filter.p.tag=GFP

However, it is important to note that the best prior to purchasing a GFP axolotl you should read and follow this guide:


In conclusion, GFP axolotls are a unique and fascinating species of salamanders that have great potential for scientific research. Their ability to fluoresce and regenerate lost limbs makes them an ideal tool for scientists studying a variety of biological processes.

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