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Hiding among the dead leaves, large rocks, fallen trees, and brush-covered shorelines of Mexico’s Lake Xochimilco exists one of nature’s most bizarre anomalies, the Axolotl.

A neotenic salamander, these creatures baffle scientists all around the world with their incredible ability to regenerate almost any part of their body. Continue reading to learn more about this amazing creature and find out how to raise your very own pet Axolotl!

Axolotls Come in Many Morphs...

Axolotls come in many different colors and patterns, called morphs. Think of these morphs like dog breeds—they're all axolotls, but each morph is unique and special. Some axolotl morphs are common, like a Wild Type axolotl, while others are extremely rare, like a Piebald axolotl. Even within the same morph, genetic anomalies occasionally occur during breeding. These one-of-a-kind axolotls are the rarest of all, and are extremely valuable to enthusiasts.

At Axolotl Planet, we have many different morphs available for sale. We take great care to track the lineage of each of our axolotls, which helps to keep a high degree of genetic variation in our stocks. In the long run, this is very good for the axolotls, because it means that there will be a very large gene pool, which helps to reduce the chance of disease and genetic defects in each animal.


    Axolotl Planet's Bulletproof Guide To Raising An Axolotl

    Follow the Axolotl Planet team's step-by-step guide to create the perfect aquarium environment to ensure that your axolotl stays happy and healthy!


    How to Cycle an Axolotl Tank

    Having a properly cycled aquarium is absolutely essential part of raising a happy, healthy axolotl. Before you purchase your first animal, be sure to read this guide and prepare a fully cycled aquarium environment for your new pet!


    Signs of Stress and Sickness in Axolotls

    Is your axolotl struggling with fungus or some other ailment? This guide from the Axolotl Planet team will show you how to treat some common problems.

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Axolotl Planet is a brick-and-mortar store located in Dallas, TX. As the world’s largest breeder of this amazing species, our focus is to raise the healthiest, strongest, most beautiful axolotls for our customers both in-store and online!

Our long-term goal is to preserve and ultimately replenish the critically-endangered wild axolotl population to it's former glory.

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