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Hiding among the dead leaves, large rocks, fallen trees, and brush-covered shorelines of Mexico’s Lake Xochimilco exists one of nature’s most bizarre anomalies, The Axolotl. 

A neotenic salamander, these creatures baffle scientists all around the world with their incredible ability to regenerate almost any part of their body. Continue reading to learn more about this amazing creature and find out how to raise your very own pet Axolotl!

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Raising Your Axolotl

A Wild Type axolotl has a combination of greens, browns, blacks, and just about any other color, with speckles of shiny gold iridophore pigments.

One of the most popular morphs among axolotl enthusiasts, Leucistic axolotls—also known as “Lucys”—are known for their pale pink coloring.

GFP axolotls carry the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) gene. This characteristic causes them to glow when exposed to ultraviolet and blacklights. 

Despite having characteristics similar to Leucistic morphs, a defining trait of Albino axolotls is their eyes, which are red or transparent in color.

How to Build An Axolotl Tank

Follow Axolotl Planet’s step-by-step guide to create the perfect aquarium environment to make sure your axolotl stays happy and healthy!

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Cycling your axolotl’s aquarium can be tricky, but Axolotl Planet’s step-by-step guide will teach you how to do it quickly, safely, and efficiently!

Axolotl Sickness and Illness

Is your Axolotl struggling with fungus or some other ailment? This guide from Axolotl Planet will show you how to treat some common problems.

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Axolotl Planet is focused on breeding the neotenic Salamander, the Axolotl. Our focus is to help replenish the wild population by funding the creation of new habitats, spred awareness of proper care and nutrition, and increase the captive bred population by spreading Axolotls to happy households and pet owners across the planet!