Are Axolotls Easy Pets?

Are Axolotls Easy Pets?

Are axolotls good pets?

The short answer is: yes, axolotls can be very easy to care for. BUT, like every aquatic pet (especially amphibians) they require research, preparation, and consistency in order to keep them happy and healthy! At Axolotl Planet, we provide everything you need to get started.

Are axolotls bad pets?

Not at all, as long as they are well cared for! Axolotls can be bad pets when they are neglected or their caretaker is following false or misleading care information. It is irresponsible by both the breeder AND the buyer to sell or purchase an axolotl without having a few vital steps taken care of first:

  1. Is the axolotl’s new tank cycled correctly? (If you don’t know what a cycled tank is, click here!)
  2. Do you have the proper tank setup?
  3. Are you buying your axolotl from a reputable breeder? Click HERE to read what questions you need to ask your breeder prior to purchasing.
  4. Do you have the proper food and nutrition for your axolotl?
  5. If you feel confident with the above information, go ahead and take our Axolotl Quiz to prove you are ready for your axolotl!

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