Mystery Axolotl


Axolotls are unique and special creatures, but their poor eyesight and unique regenerative abilities mean that accidents occasionally happen. This means that we sometimes have axolotls with slight imperfections such as asymmetrical gills, small or missing limbs, damaged tails, or other anomalies in our stock that we don’t want to sell for full price. Don’t worry, all of these animals are happy, healthy, and well cared for; they’re just a little different from the rest, and need a little extra love.

The number and morph of these “Mystery” axolotls that we have available is always changing, so for $100, we will pick out the best one we currently have in stock and ship it straight to your door! The exact morph you will receive will be totally random and depends on what we have in our inventory, so there’s a chance you could get a super rare one. Surprise!

Note: Axolotls can regenerate almost any part of their bodies, including their legs, tails, and even spinal cords! If you receive an axolotl that is missing a leg or part of its tail, there's a chance it will grow back, as long as it wasn't born that way. However, this is not guaranteed.

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Before you buy your first axolotl...

Are you ready to purchase an axolotl? Before you do, there are a few super important things you should do first.
  1. Purchase a properly-sized tank and all of the necessary equipment for your axolotl. To learn more about this, read the Axolotl Planet guide titled The New Owner's Bulletproof Guide to Raising an Axolotl.
  2. Make sure you have established a healthy Nitrogen Cycle in your tank. To learn more about the nitrogen cycle, read the Axolotl Planet guide titled How to Cycle Your Aquarium.
If you are a first-time axolotl owner in North Texas, we highly recommend making an appointment at our Dallas Love Field Airport location to meet with our axolotl experts and learn all about what you need to do to prepare the perfect new home for your axolotl. If you aren't in North Texas, be sure you read both of the guides above, then visit our blog page to get more information about raising these amazing aquatic pets.

Axolotl Planet is the world's largest breeder of the amazing species of neotenic salamander known as the Axolotl! Our focus is to raise the healthiest, strongest, most beautiful axolotls possible and bring them to pet owners across the planet.

Our long-term goal is to preserve and ultimately replenish the critically-endangered wild axolotl population to it's former glory.

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