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Welcome to the Axolotl Planet shop! Here, you can explore our collection of axolotls for sale. Our business is quality, not quantity, but we are constantly updating our website with new axolotls for sale. At Axolotl Planet, we work to breed the strongest and healthiest animals we can by promoting broad genetic variation as our axolotls reproduce. To learn more about Axolotl Planet's mission, click here. Otherwise, enjoy the Axolotl Planet shop!

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    How to Cycle an Axolotl Tank

    Having a properly cycled aquarium is absolutely essential part of raising a happy, healthy axolotl. Before you purchase your first animal, be sure to read this guide and prepare a fully cycled aquarium environment for your new pet!


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Rachel PondRachel Pond
14:03 11 Sep 22
I’ve been wanted to get an axolotl for my classroom. I took my time and cycled my tank and finally drove up to axolotl planet to pick one out. I brought my kids and we ended up bringing 2 home. One for school and one for home. They were all so cute and well taken care of. The owner was very informative and answered all my questions and packed up our 2 so well for our drive home. Here’s a picture of one of them as they acclimated to the tank.
Grace RobinsonGrace Robinson
15:56 24 Aug 22
Amazing shop! We stopped by on a whim and left with so much knowledge on these fascinating little guys. The guy gave us a tour of the the tanks and was extremely informative, knowledgeable, and obviously passionate about what they do. Even though we weren't there to purchase one, he was very enthusiastic to help answer all our questions! These guys are the pros and I would recommend anyone who is interested in owning an axolotl to talk to them. Tons of information and resources on their website as well!!
Courtney SimmonsCourtney Simmons
16:54 09 Feb 22
We got our axolotl, Aspen, from Axolotl Planet and the experience could not have been better!! What a wonderful place to work with! So friendly, so informative and it is VERY obvious they care about their babies and their customers. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!!
Kenneth MeyeresKenneth Meyeres
19:41 21 Dec 21
This was a great stop for our family! Jacob was so friendly, welcoming and informative. He eagerly and willingly answered all of our questions. What a great little trip! Thank you so much Jacob and Axolotl Planet!
Sherah WillefordSherah Willeford
19:50 19 Oct 21
I highly recommend Axolotl Planet. We made an appointment to see the axolotls and to do some more research on owning one. I have a son that is very interested. Ellen did an amazing job explaining everything to my boys. She answered all their questions and gave them time to really study them. They really enjoyed learning about all the creators at Axolotl Planet. She even let them see the baby axolotls, chubby frogs, and even a Goliath Bird Eating Spider. My boys left so excited. We plan to go back in the future to purchase a filtration kit and then an axolotl. Thank you Ellen for your patience and kindness to my boys. We really had a great time and learned so much.

Axolotl Planet is a brick-and-mortar store located in Dallas, TX. As the world’s largest breeder of this amazing species, our focus is to raise the healthiest, strongest, most beautiful axolotls for our customers both in-store and online!

Our long-term goal is to preserve and ultimately replenish the critically-endangered wild axolotl population to it's former glory.

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