Caring for Axolotls

Axolotl Planet wants to make sure that you are educated on everything you need to know about successfully raising your own aquatic pet, so we have provided some helpful guides on the basics of caring for axolotls. Check out each section below for essential information about caring for axolotls!

How to Set Up An Axolotl Tank

Click on each section below to learn about how to set up a habitat in which your axolotl will thrive

Signs of Stress in Your Axolotl

Click on each section below to discover how to identify and resolve signs of stress that occur when caring for axolotls

How to Cycle Your Aquarium

Click on each section below to educate yourself on how to maintain proper water chemistry in your axolotl's habitat

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Axolotl Planet’s Mission

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Our Mission

Axolotl Planet is focused on breeding the critically endangered Salamander, the Axolotl. Our focus is to help replenish the wild population by funding the creation of new habitats, and increase the captive bred population by spreading Axolotls to happy households and pet owners across the planet!