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The Axolotl Planet blog is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about axolotls! From axolotl genetics, to their history in Mexico, to the truth about the rumored "blue axolotl," we have all the information you need to become an expert on these amazing aquatic creatures.

Axolotl HealthAxolotl Food: Axolotl eating a nightcrawler

The Ultimate Guide to Axolotl Nutrition: The Best Axolotl Food for Every Life Stage

This guide navigates the ideal axolotl food for each life stage: axolotl babies, juveniles, and adults.

Axolotl HealthAxolotl Tank Setup and Care

Axolotl Tank Setup and Care

Introduction Setting up your axolotl’s new home can be very exciting, however, it is important to follow the right process so you know that your new axolotl will be as happy and healthy as possible...

Axolotl HealthThe #1 Guide to Axolotl Sickness and Health

The #1 Guide to Axolotl Sickness and Health

Introduction Even in a seemingly ideal environment, axolotls can sometimes develop stress and illness. Health issues found in axolotls such as fungus, lack of appetite, curled gills, bacterial infe...