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Axolotl Planet is comprised of dedicated hobbyists, biologists, and axolotl breeders focused on bringing the largest genetic diversity to the industry.

We are a team of 10 people unified by a mutual love of Axolotls. Our passion for these creatures is what fuels us. When it comes to breeding our Axolotls, we focus on QUALITY, not QUANTITY. We also serve as a sanctuary for sick, malnourished, and special needs Axolotls which require intensive professional care. Continue reading to discover more about Axolotl Planet!

We are proud members of the axolotl community. Read below to find out all about Axolotl Planet!

Axolotl Planet is partnered with some of the largest and most respected brands globally and locally, including Top Quality Aquatics, SnagFish, Sicce Filters, Texas Discovery Gardens, Texas State Fair, Dallas North Aquarium, Axolotl Ranch, Axolotl City, & More.

Our Axolotls and social media content have been featured by some of the world’s largest social media accounts and publications such as Complex, Memezar, TodayILearned, & more. With over a quarter of a million followers on TikTok alone, and millions of likes and impressions from people across the world, we feel it is our responsibility to provide the clearest and most reliable care information for axolotl owners.
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Our goal is to share the wonder of axolotls with the world and provide aspiring axolotl owners with all the resources they need to raise their own!

We have found that in the exotic pet world, it can be difficult to find good information about how to properly care for these animals. The team of biologists and geneticists at Axolotl Planet is here to change that. We strongly believe that axolotls can become beloved household companions for millions of people, but aspiring owners must educate themselves about their new pet before they purchase it.

When raising any exotic animal, you must be familiar with how to care for your axolotl before getting it, otherwise you are setting yourself and your pet up for failure. Axolotls are by no means impossible pets to raise as long as the proper steps of care have been taken prior to acquiring one of these beautiful animals.

We dream of restoring the wild population to its former glory.

Unfortunately, the axolotl species has been classified as critically endangered (and in some cases functionally extinct) due to habitat destruction and pollution in recent years.

According to a recent MIT study, it is estimated there are only 700-1200 axolotls remaining in the wild. This means that Axolotl Planet currently maintains over three times as many axolotls as the entirety of the wild population. Our dream is to fund the restoration of the axolotl’s natural habitat, Lake Xochimilco, in the valley of Mexico.

Our operation was designed with the long-term success of the entire species of axolotls in mind!

Axolotl Planet is thankful for the many wonderful axolotl owners across the world. It is because of you that we have the ability to continue to improve and research axolotls.

In an effort to create the greatest genetic diversity possible in our axolotl bloodlines, our breeders have traveled all across the United States to acquire the most desirable morphs in the country. By doing so, we are successfully growing the gene pool of our stocks. This process ensures healthier bloodlines for all of our axolotls and helps to prevent problems or abnormalities from occurring in the future. Our method leads to drastically less culling and much higher success rates for our hatchlings.

We appreciate your business and interest in the Axolotl. Please click on one of the links below to continue to learn more about Axolotl Planet and these fascinating animals.

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Our Mission

Axolotl Planet is focused on breeding the critically endangered Salamander, the Axolotl. Our focus is to help replenish the wild population by funding the creation of new habitats, and increase the captive bred population by spreading Axolotls to happy households and pet owners across the planet!